Background Vision

Osu (pronounced: O SU) is a word/term that comes from the Asian Martial-Arts culture. The term stands for Patience, Respect, Appreciation, Strength and Wisdom. It is used as a greeting when entering the DOJO (the temple where practitioners of these martial arts train). Team members and artists at Osu Recordz believe in those same values.  

Business philosophy
By seeing Osu as a way of life, it determines the way you treat yourself and look at yourself, and how you treat others. This means you treat yourself and others with respect. This is how Osu Recordz was born and is intertwined in our corporate philosophy. We mix these etiquette values ​​in the music industry, and you can feel it when you work with us! We find the negative image of the Hip Hop culture worrying and we want to give a counterweight to this from Osu Recordz. In this way we show that Hip Hop also brings a lot of positivity and education!

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What we do?

Osu Recordz is an international record label based in Amsterdam.
We focus on the Genres: Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Reggae and Dancehall.

We serve the entertainment industry in the areas of: 

– Artists (Mc’s, DJ’s, Dancers, Singers, Graffiti and Producers)
– Booking agency
– Events
– Recording, mixing and mastering studio
– Video productions
– Management
– Distibution
– Merchandize

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